About Us


Wilhite Baptist Church will be a Kingdom Focused church (Matthew 6:33) in order to partner with God in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world (Luke 24:46-47).


As a Kingdom Focused church, we will...  (Matthew 28:18-20)

            1.  Make disciples

            2.  Mature them to be fully-committed followers of Jesus Christ 

            3.  Multiply them as ministers who advance God's kingdom.



Following the instruction in Acts 1:8, we will fulfill our purpose of making disciples, maturing believers, and multiplying ministers...

             *Locally --- Cookeville, Tennessee

             *Regionally --- "The Upper Cumberland," and Middle Tennessee

             *Nationally --- The United States of America

             *Globally --- Every nation of the world


Wilhite Baptist Church is an autonomous (self-governing) church that has chosen to partner with the Stone Association of Southern Baptists located in Putnam County, Tennessee, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention in order to assist in strategically fulfilling our mission/purpose.



Using the Early Church in Acts 2:38-47 as our example, Wilhite Baptist Church is committed to...

             1.  Evangelism --- sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

             2.  Discipleship --- making and maturing believers

             3.  Fellowship --- connecting to one another

             4.  Ministry --- helping those who are in need

             5.  Worship --- loving and serving God